Seeing is believing provides resources to help you succeed in your Radiology ST1 interviews as well as FRCR materials with reviews. 


During the ST1 interview, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a question on commitment to Radiology. Apart from doing audits or taster weeks, you could make yourself stand out by doing a radiology related course, or attending a radiological conference. It doesn't have to be a course on how to perform interventional neuroradiological procedures but a course on plain radiograph interpretation will benefit you in your current job and your interview. 

Chest Radiograph Courses

1. Yorkshire Chest Imaging Course

Cost: 80 pounds

Location: West Yorkshire Radiology Academy, Leeds General Infirmary, Great George Street, LS1 3EX

Dates: Held twice a year

Details: Contact Radiology Academy Manager, Ms Freya Johnson -


2. Chest X-ray Survival Course

Cost: 110 pounds

Location: Medical Education Centre, Northwick Park Hospital, London, 

Dates: 8th of Feb 2015


Trauma Radiograph Courses

1. A&E Survival Course

Cost: 135 pounds

Location: Medical Education Centre, Northwick Park Hospital, London, 

Dates: 7th of Feb 2015

Review: "Even if you are not certain about Radiology, this is definitely worth doing. It provides a good grounding for interpretation of basic A&E radiographs, ranging from facial bones to ankles. You will be given 1 diagnostic quality computer for every pair of delegates. The pace is fairly fast and covers a lot of materials. You will also be given a book worth £35 as part of the course."

Rating: Excellent

BIR Conference

SRT Conference

RSM Study Days