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First FRCR Examination (Click here for dates)

  • Physics

This module is known to be rather challenging, especially for those who have not done a BsC in Medical Imaging. Despite having a Physics A-level, it does not make it much easier. Since we have passed Physics on our first attempt, clearly our strategy must have worked.

Andrew:  "During the first 3 months I would suggest tackling Farr's book one chapter at a time and coordinating it with the RiTi modules. It has long been regarded that Farr's is the core knowledge required to pass the Physics exam. You will come across topics within RiTi that are not in Farr's. However, it is worth making note of these extra bits of information since not everything in the exam was extracted from Farr's alone. From January onwards, I would suggest doing question books to test your key understanding of Physics as well as developing good exam technique." 

  • Anatomy

An easier module of the two since our day to day job requires the ability to identify anatomy and understand basic pathology. 

Andrew: "A decent level of anatomy knowledge can be gained from reading Weir & Abrahams. It will allow you to steadily appreciate the necessary depth required to pass this exam. This book in combination with a variety of anatomy question books will help you pass the exam with flying colours. I would also strongly recommend attending an anatomy exam course prior to the exam as it will help you identify areas of weaknesses you can work on."



Final FRCR Part A


Final FRCR Part B