Seeing is believing provides resources to help you succeed in your Radiology ST1 interviews as well as FRCR materials with reviews. 

Radiology Physics Resource Reviews

FRCR - Physics Books Review

1. Farr's Physics for Medical Imaging, 2nd Edition by Allisey-Roberts, Williams

Despite having done Physics & Maths A-level, this book is still certainly a lot to digest. It is poorly written and phraseology could most definitely be improved. It demands a level of understanding of various key terms used in physics and grasp of different formulas in order to understand the relationship between variables. If you have either done the exams or had a look at question books, you would realise that a lot of questions are based on "If you X was increased, Y would also increase". 

I understand that according to RCR, their questions stem from this particular book. This makes the book essential for gauging the depth of physics necessary.

I would use this book in conjunction with RITI e-learning and doing practice MCQs in preparation for the exams.

Rating: Good

2.  A Radiologist's Notes on Physics for the FRCR Exam by Garry Pettet

This book highlights all the key understanding necessary towards FRCR physics. It is written with short, simple sentences and is scattered with bullet points. It has been said that there are two ways to approach the FRCR physics exam. Firstly, if you are known to have "photographic memory", this is the book to memorise as it contains all the key facts necessary to pass the exams. The other method, if you are like me, is to use this book as a skeleton to understanding FRCR physics and allow other more challenging resources to consolidate the knowledge further.

It does not always satisfy the questions you may develop from this book alone but I suspect it is written purely to provide you with what you need to know to pass the exam. 

Since physics in this book has been distilled, this is a great adjunct to keep abreast with your physics knowledge whilst revising away for the evidently more relevant/exciting exam - Anatomy. 

Rating: Excellent

FRCR - Online Physics Resource Review

1. - Online FRCR Physics exam practice

There are 200 questions altogether with 5 true or false statements each. The explanations are terrible with very few words.. There are a few mistakes with the answers (after conferring with Farr's & e-RITI modules). Spelling errors decreased the quality of the questions and validity of the answers. There are many much better physics questions I would recommend before this one. I would not have subscribed to this in the first place. I have tried to provide feedback to them but the online form is faulty. 

Rating: Poor