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Competition Ratios - Know the players, bring the game. 

The absolute truth - Radiology is competitive. It has always been and it always will be. There is no getting away from that. Fact. 

Whether it is doctors who are focused from medical school on a career in radiology and decide to apply following F2, or those from medical and surgical backgrounds who for many reasons decide to make the switch, there is a diversity of potential applicants. 

In addition, as the application form is relatively limited in the information required to submit, and applications  can be made with little effort, especially when compared to the medical and surgical specialties application forms. If these relatively conjectural applicants have a lucky day with interviews, they may potentially be offered a post.

This is why interview preparation is the key.

Previous Recruitment Rounds

Please note - Scotland were included from 2012 hence the sharp jump in numbers; and from 2012 long-lasting was introduced. (Data from the Royal College of Radiologists)

Posts Available Applications Shortlisted Interviews Posts Filled Fill Rate
2010 185 655 395 695 181 98%
2011 183 588 374 655 177 97%
2012 167 693 - 544 167 100%
2013 210 754 - 604 210 100%
2014 229 794 - 635 229 100%
2015 - estimated 214 tbc >900 - tbc tbc tbc

Looking at these numbers, it is clear to see that in line with RCR workforce recommendations, the number of posts available are increasing; 9% in the past year. Applications numbers are also on the rise, with an increase in just 2 years of 14%. When looking at the application to interview numbers however, there is a significant attrition rate of 20% at this step of the process. This therefore reinforces the idea that there are likely to be a significant number of applications that are primarily based on chance, or a 'back up' option, which is certainly anecdotally true. The second thing to take from this high rate of attrition is that there may be quite a few applicants that either do not manage to fill out the form properly, or miss the deadline, and are rejected at longlisting. So double check the form, and don't leave it to the last minute!

Application to post ratios

2010: 3.6:1

2011: 3.3:1

2012: 4.1:1



Interview to post ratios

2010: 3.8:1

2011: 3.7:1

2012: 3.3:1

2013: 2.9:1

2014: 2.8:1