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Postgraduate Exams

I'm certain that many of you would wonder what's the point in doing a postgraduate exam in another specialty when i'm only applying for radiology.

Firstly, this gives you a point immediately during the interview (You are only required to do the first part to gain full marks in that section).

Secondly, another reason is that the FRCR exams are notoriously challenging. The significant fail rate per exam, particularly in 2As, are high compared to other non-radiology exams.

Lastly, as a radiologist with a postgraduate exam, you will increase the breadth of your knowledge and enables you to deliver clinically relevant reports. 

Below, we will discuss the pros and cons of choosing one of the postgraduate exams below. 

1. MRCS (Member of Royal College of Surgeons)

Cost: £503 (Part A), £912 (Part B), Total: £1415   (updated for 2015)

Parts: 2

One of the advantage of doing MRCS Part A is that you get to do it as early as F1. 

The general consensus is that the MRCS Part A is slightly easier than the MRCP Part 1. Since radiology entwined with anatomy, MRCS would encourage you to refresh your memory on clinically relevant anatomy. 


Cost: £419 (Part 1), £419 (Part 2), £419 (Part 3), Total: £1257   (updated for 2015)

Parts: MRCP Part 1, 2, 3

When you do start revising for the FRCR Part 2A, you will realise that the rare conditions you have learnt for MRCP Part 1 will come in handy. It will provide with you with a slight advantage, especially when you are embarking the radiology training scheme straight from FY2.