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Radiology Placement in FY1

Many junior doctors are concerned about being de-skilled clinically as an FY1 if they were to take up a rotation in Radiology. In fact, there are many radiology rotations which offer acute medicine on-calls. There will be plenty of opportunity where your management would change based on your ability to interpret scans and also understand the limitations of different modalities. 

Here is a short paragraph from Dr Su Ann Lim, an FY1 who did a radiology rotation in Leeds.

" My four months in Radiology was extremely rewarding as I had learnt something new everyday, and gained confidence in reading various radiological scans. I had spent four months in three different subspecialties- Chest Radiology, Interventional Radiology (IR) and Oncology. I was given the opportunity to report plain films on a regular basis and discussed them with the consultant immediately after. This provided me a great learning experience.

There were many opportunities for hands-on experience. Apart from doing femoral punctures in IR, I performed numerous Interventional ultrasound procedures such as pleural taps and ascitic taps independantly.

I also experienced a different side of medicine-  gained an understanding of appropriate imaging modalities for various clinical presentations and learnt their various limitations, which inevitably affected clinical management. Furthermore, my knowledge of interpreting CT, MRI and PET scans came to great use in my subsequent rotations.  

This rotation has certainly provided a great foundation in Radiology and I am now more confidence in interpreting plain films as well as basics of other scan modalities. "