Seeing is believing provides resources to help you succeed in your Radiology ST1 interviews as well as FRCR materials with reviews. 

ST1 Radiology Intensive Interview Course 2014/2015

Date: 19th December 2014

Cost: Free

Location: West Yorkshire Academy, Leeds General Infirmary, Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3EX

Time: 08.00am to 18.00pm

Limited Spaces: 12 people

What do we offer?

A full day of interactive small group interview preparation course. 

How are we different to other courses?

1. We intentionally chose to have a smaller group. This allows individuals to ask ad-hoc questions and tailor each lecture to suit everyone's needs. 

2. We have a mixture of radiology registrars of different grades, majority ST1s which allow you to gain a better insight into what to expect from the prospective interview. 

3. We run mock interviews and review portfolios with smaller groups. This allows more time to be spent with individuals in order to boost your chances and highlight common pitfalls. 

Interview success rates after our course?

To be confirmed. 

Course feedback (2014 Cohort)

"Both Andrew & Hefina had a good understanding of the interview process and made sure we could developed a good format for tackling any anticipated questions during the interview" FY2 West Midlands

"They kept things succinct, highlighted methods for scoring highly" FY2 West Yorkshire

"This course was different to a few other interview courses I had been to. This course provided a more intimate, non-daunting environment where I could raise any potential question. I felt that this course was able meet my needs as an individual and as a group..." FY2 West Yorkshire

"They reviewed my portfolio and provided valuable feedback which allowed me to gain extra marks during the interview. Thanks!" FY2 West Midlands

"Was an excellent course, that I would have happily paid for! It was very focused and interactive and was delivered in an easy to understand way"

"I definitely feel a lot more confident now."

"Excellent course, very beneficial.Would recommend it to others and I think you should keep it going for years to come."

Lecture Sessions

"Detailed explanation and briefings about how the interview is conducted and preparation for each section (ie commitment, portfolio)"

"Excellent presentation, well organised I liked the mark scheme I can not think of any improvements"

"Ethics and clinical teaching was fantastic."

"I enjoyed the clinical images section the best. Really good to hear all the opinions on the various ethical scenarios."

"The course was very organised and precise. You guys have been very helpful. It was a great experience. Can't thank you enough."

Mock Interview

"I really appreciate that the interviewers took time to give us a written feedback. It was brilliant."

"Excellent and really useful to put lecture content into practice"

"Excellent opportunity to practice infront of radiologist."