Seeing is believing provides resources to help you succeed in your Radiology ST1 interviews as well as FRCR materials with reviews. 

ST1 Interviews -- Be the best you can. 

Well done for choosing Radiology as a career pathway. This will be the best decision you've made in your medical career unless you still considering "Why Radiology?".

We would like this to be a helpful resource to you in your interview preparation.

As a general overview, it is important to remember that due to longlisting, the interview is the only real decision making tool in recruitment. Therefore, being thoroughly prepared for the interview is the single most important element in your journey to radiology, especially with rising competition ratios

Last year, the duration of the interview stations were cut from 10 minutes to 8 minutes, which put a real pressure on all 5 stations.

Key elements that come up repeatedly are the radiology 'taster week,' which you absolutely must have. How can you show that you are serious about a career in radiology without spending at least a week in the department so you have an idea about what a day in the life is really like?

The other key requirement is an audit in radiology. This shows that you are aware of clinical governance, which is an important part of the person specification, and that you have taken the time to complete a project in your chosen career area.

Without an audit or a taster week, valuable marks will be immediately lost.

Your local radiology department will be very happy to help you with these aspects of your application, and as a general rule, will be delighted that you are taking an interest and wishing to explore our specialty as a career option. 

There are courses you could do to demonstrate your commitment to Radiology! Moreover, it may help with one of the stations during the interview when interpreting images. They do vary in difficulties but they also allow you to engage with other radiologists and ask questions like "Is there pneumomediastinum or is it just the mach effect?"

Life as a radiology trainee isn't always smooth sailing - definitely filled with highs and the lows. The training scheme creates a platform for helping you develop into a radiologist but through perseverance, humility and drive, you will become an incredible clinician. Read the blogs of two junior radiology registrars and experience their journey with them. 


2015 Recruitment Timeline

  • 11 November 2014 - 4 December 2014 - applications open
  • 12-16 January 2015 - Interviews (in London)
  • Mid February - early March 2015 - offers released

Applications are via the Oriel pathway - available here