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Organising a Taster Week

There are marks during the interview which are specifically allocated to demonstrate commitment to specialty. This is a great way to guarantee a few marks but make sure you do at least a full week. 

Why do a taster week?

Apart from gaining extra marks for the interview, it allows you to experience how a department runs, engage with current registrars on their reasons for choosing radiology, observe consultants' roles which extends beyond just the clinical demands as well as have a first person experience in basic reporting.

How do I organise a taster week?

Honestly, all radiologists would love any one who takes an interest in their specialty. They would delight in helping you in organising a taster week. Approach a radiology consultant either in person or perhaps email their secretaries. I'm sure most consultants would prefer a face to face introduction first and would probably be surprised that you're not requesting a scan!

How do I get the most out of the taster week?

Simple. The best way would be to come up with an agreed plan with the supervising consultant/registrar.

1. Expose yourself to multiple modalities - Plain radiographs, CT, MRI, USS, Fluoroscopy

2. Practise reporting a few of the scans with the consultant/registrar next to you

3. Watch how to protocol/prioritise a scan and emulate if appropriate

4. Write down specific experiences where you could bring up in the interview - e.g. I had the opportunity to... attend MDTs...

5. Chat with the registrars about their interview experience 

6. Discuss with consultants about the future of radiology

7. Perform a radiological audit 

8. MUST get a signed letter to demonstrate your taster week in radiology


Interested in publishing your taster week experience?

Why publish your experience - For your CV. 

Only the top 2 will be published on our website. 

Email us at: 

The closing date: 1st of Jan 2016.

Good luck!